DMG design, build and operates renewable energy production plants generated by wind turbines of small-medium sizes (mini-wind). DMG takes care of all steps necessary to authorize, build and exercise wind power plants.

The services of DMG includes:

  • Site evaluation

  • Authorization process

  • Anemometry, wind measurements

  • Financial Evaluation

  • Preliminary and Executive project planning

  • Plant costruction 

  • Operation and Maintenance of the the plant

Wind power is a clean renewable Energy, generated thanks to the energy conversion of the cinetic energy coming from the wind into electric energy. The wind energyis trasformed by the wind turbines in rotating mechanical energy and used to produce energy through the aereogenerators. The production depends from the size and from the aerodinamic efficiency of the generator..

The mini-wind and the medium size wind represent an opportunity for everyone: individuals, small and medium companies, industries, farms and local authorities. Mini-wind is a technology that will have one of the most growth in the next years, thanks to the latest development , able to satisfy all type of needs and thanks to the reduction of the bureaucratic barriers.