The issues related to Security problems are becoming popular and the need of protecting the own house or own activity is rapidly growing.

DMG is able to satisfy such request and can offer the following services:

  • Video surveillance: the Video surveillance is not only an image acquisition system. The acquired images represent a useful source of information for the private and urban security planning and for the optimization of the local resources and of the supporting measures. Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) has grown significantly from being used by companies to protect personal property to becoming a tool used by law enforcement authorities for surveillance of public spaces

  • Secutiry Central: the central is the brain of the system and it is the part that elaborates all in and out signals. Analysing the signals coming from the various sensors, the security centralelaborates the information and, if necessary, it generates the alarms.

  • Perimeter protection: the perimeter protection, also commonly called barriers, are very important instruments mostly used for external systems. DMG offer several solutions among wich: Active infrared barriers, microwave barriers, vibration sensors and external sensors.

  • Identification systems: DMG offers several solution for limiting the entrance to selected persons in selected areas, such as fingerprint or eye’s iris identification systems.

DMG is able to offer the most advanced and innovative security systems, customized on the client’s need.