DMG is active on the market since more than 30 years providing quality and efficiency of its works.

Our mission is to offer complete solutions that ensure a long term quality and efficiency, with the maximum return of investment and the best integration in the contextual environment.

DMG is a company specialized in the realization of industrial plants, building works and renewable enrgy power production plants, sector where DMG has bet a lot during the last years, bringing along a strong commitment to the environmental sustainability.

Our technical staff is continuosly researching innovative and ad hoc solutions that can fit to the customer requests and the staff is able to follow each project from the ideation to realization and exercise of the plants.

We follow in details each fase of the realization, adopting the necessary precautions an certifications in full respect of the rules, in order to grant the best quality, efficiency and safety.

  • A company made of person


    At DMG we believe in the value of our employees. Since the beginning we select the best professionals in order to offer to our clients high qualified and specialized teams. Our constant commitment to the personnel’s training is always followed and updated year after year to satisfy our future needs.



    At DMG we always believe in the value of the persons and of the various professional profiles. Our company is in fact an heterogeneous group of professionists transversal to multiple sectors. This has made possible, through the time, to manage big projects and wide working groups highly specialized able to promptly respond in all circumstances.



    Strong of a history of over 30 years we have reached a unique know-how in the sectors were we operates.since the beginning our mission is to preserve the baggage of experiences we have acquired in order to not lose the competitive advantage that has helped us to become one of the leaders in our market. If you add th this our mgreat passion for what we do you will discover why to trust us.

  • Knowledge:
    Constant training and investment in human capital, sharing our know-how with the youngests and offering a tecnica and professional experience able to transfer healty principals for a sustainable future.

    Strict respect of the values and rules during the performance of our work and in the company relations, following the best principals of fairness, loyalty, integrity and trasparency in both internal and external relations.

    Constant care and respect of Nature, offering solutions dor a Sustainable Development finaline to optimizing the quality of life and of the environment.

    Tecnological Progress:
    Neverending research of innovation and eccellence, through the exploration and practical study of new technologies in order to offer the most innovative and most efficient solutions.

    Secure a proper working environement in order to safeguard the integrity of our workers, partners and clients adopting the appropriate healt & safety measures and processes.