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DMG design, build and operates renewable energy production plants generated by hydroelectric systems of small-medium sizes (mini-hydro). DMG takes care of all steps necessary to authorize, build and exercise mini-hydro power plants.

The services of DMG includes:

  • Site evaluation

  • Authorization process

  • Wather flow measurement

  • Financial Evaluation

  • Preliminary and Executive project planning

  • Plant costruction 

  • Operation and Maintenance of the the plant

Hydro power is a clean renewable Energy, derived from the energy of falling water. The alternator and turbine convert into electrical energy the cinetic energy derived by the mass of wather falling from a given height .

Mini-Hydro represent an opportunity with low environmental impact since it use small structures and bacins. These installations can provide power to isolated homes or small communities. There are many of these installations around the world, particularly in developing nations as they can provide an economical source of energy without the purchase of fuel.