The offer of DMG includes Operation & Maintenance services for all the industrial plants.

Thanks to the many years of experience in the application of new technologies, DMG is able to suggest the most updated operating procedures and optimizing processes in order to ensure optimal performances.

The O&M services are developed upon the specific needs of the client, with whom DMG identify the targets and create a plan able to satisfy all client’s needs.

The O&M contracts can be annual or monthly. The offer also includes the “O&M spare parts”, the supply of the spare parts necessary for the maintenance of the plants and a monitoring service 24/7 to optimize the plant performance and lifetime.

Our qualified personnel is able to offer a complete O&M service that includes:

  • Ordinary and Extraordinary O&M

  • Supply of spare parts and accessories

  • Equipment repairing and maintenance

  • Local/Remote monitoring and diagnostic

  • Personnel training, development of procedures and documentation

  • Technical and Engineering support

The O&M activities requires an adequate experience both in the test activities and in the monitoring activities. A remote control system help to guarantee a constant control of the production, of the equipment operating level, of the presence of operators, while a electronic monitoring system alerts the O&M team each time there is an accident or a block of one or more parts of the plant.

The customer satisfaction is very important for DMG. The satisfaction is obtained through the supply of products and services of high quality and high reliability, therefore the monitoring of the internal process and works, but also the control of the quality and reliability of the external suppliers.