DMG build, restore o maintain large infrastructure works satisfying all requests of the customer and of the territory, in full respect of the norms that rules the sector.

DMG has gained a considerable experience during the latest years, offering a wide range of services and activities::

  • Demolition

  • Excavation

  • Ground works

  • New Construction

  • Renovation

  • Ordinary and extraordinary Maintenance

  • Piling

  • Soil analysis

  • Ground drainage 

The management of the hydraulic and drainage systems inside a urban context is becoming very important in order to govern the environment. DMG build, restructure and maintain efficient aqueduct, water drainage, hydraulic defence works, conduits, and all related works::

  • Construction and Maintenance of hydraulic and water drainage conduits, for both black or white water.

  • Aqueducts constructions

  • Maritime and river works (realization of canals, maritime and river embankment) 

  • Irrigation systems

  • Building’s Hydraulic foundations

  • Waste disposal

  • Excavation for drainage and conducts laying 

In the roads sector DMG takes care of:

  • Road and Highway Asphalt

  • Road’s floor Maintenance or renovation 

  • Planning and construction of galleries and bridges 

  • Earthworks, levelling, excavation, filling, compression

  • Street enlargement

  • Installation of barriers and embankments