solarea a concentrazione dmg


Not much Silicon, lenses or mirrors to convey as much as possible lights on very high efficiency cells and tracking system to get the maximum of all sun hours, Concentrated Solar Photovoltaic (CPV) is one of the most recent evolution of the sun power technology and is expected to be among the most convenient technologies for large scale energy production in the most sunny areas of the planet.

This technology is ideal in areas with very high insolation, since it works exclusively with direct light. It is not recommended to use CPV technology in area with less than 1.800W/m2.

Apart from the geographical limitations, the advantages of the CPV are many, from the low space and water consumption compared to other technologies, to the quick and modular construction, to the most important aspect of high efficiency and low losses also with high temperatures.Another relevant aspect is the lower price vs the conventional photovoltaic, due to the lower manufacturing cost.

Thanks to the tecnical competences gained during the years of activity and thanks to the partnership with the sector’s leading companies DMG provides Concentrated Solar Photovoltaic (CPV), turn-key systems.

DMG takes care of all steps necessary to authorize, build and exercise CPV power plants.

The services of DMG includes:

  • Site evaluation

  • Authorization process

  • Financial Evaluation

  • Preliminary and Executive project planning

  • Plant costruction 

  • Operation and Maintenance of the the plant